How to Do the 2018 Cat-Eye in 5 Easy Steps

Mastering cat-eye makeup doesn’t have to involve a lot of arm aerobics. If you’ve given up entirely on the classic makeup look because you can’t keep a steady hand, we’re here to help.

We turned to celebrity makeup artist Ana Marie Rizzieri to find out the easiest way to finally nail the cat-eye—with a 2018 twist. This year isn’t about getting a perfect line on the first try. Instead, Rizzieri starts by using a sharp black pencil to draw the shape along the upper and lower lash line, followed by a layer of liquid eyeliner. The final look is soft and lived in, and any mistakes can be cleaned up with a cleanser-soaked Q-tip.

It’s surprisingly easy, but that could be because Rizzieri let us in on her secret for dealing with a shaky hand when you’re applying eyeliner.

Hit play on the video above to find out how to do the 2018 cat-eye in five simple steps.

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