By Marianne Mychaskiw
Feb 07, 2014 @ 10:02 am

We're only two months into 2014, but Margot Robbie is already having quite the year! After playing Naomi Lapaglia in The Wolf of Wall Street, the up-and-coming actress catapulted into the spotlight, becoming a regular on the red carpet circuit and landing more and more major roles by the day. Robbie continues to show off her dynamic range in her stunning feature for Violet Grey, in which, clad in a three-piece suit and a clean, streamlined beauty look, she spoke to the site about playing Leonardo DiCaprio's love interest, and even confessed that she originally didn't like her Wolf of Wall Street character. "A lot of people can look at her and say she's a gold digger, and when I initially read the script, I didn't like her," she says. "I took a very one-sided look, and the more I worked on it, I realized she was a badass. She recognized that her sexuality was her currency an she was willing to utilize that -- unapologetically."

The key element in driving that point home? A set of lengthy faux nails, of course. "The first thing I said was that my character needs acrylic nails all the time because that changes everything," says Robbie, who noted that she needed time adjusting to her new talons. "I really hated them so, so much, but it seriously created the character. I was getting them done once a week. On Sunday night, I'd get my nails and my spray tan, after I finished watching football." Who knew a little acrylic powder could go such a long way? Head over to to read the article in full, and check out Margot's best looks ever in our gallery!

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