How Dianna Agron's New Hair Color Has Changed Her Wardrobe

Dianna Agron Hair
Photo: John Shearer

Do blondes have more fun? Not according to Dianna Agron! We caught up with the star at Brian Bowen Smith's Chateau Marmont party in Hollywood, who told us how her new red hue has brought out a wilder side in her wardrobe. "As a blonde, I would have never put this dress on!" she said of her Marc Jacobs number. "We went to the store and we saw stripes, sequins, and animal print. It was all in the black, white, and taupe color palette which, I'm a big fan of, especially now with the dark hair. As a blonde, it wouldn't work as much." While we've never seen the star look anything less than flawless, we have to agree—the chic leopard print does pair nicely with her auburn strands, and we can't wait to see the new outfits to come. "I'm gravitating to things that I wouldn't normally wear," she added. As the clichéd saying goes, a leopard can't change its spots, but you can change your hair color to complement them!

Try on Dianna's hair by clicking the box below.

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— Andrea Simpson

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