How to Create the Perfect Thanksgiving Tablescape, According to Style Me Pretty's Abby Larson

Thanksgiving Tablescapes
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The turkey is picked; your menu set. But how is your Thanksgiving tablescape coming along? With the holiday just around the corner, we turned to décor pro and HomeGoods ambassador Abby Larson of the lifestyle blog Style Me Pretty for some valuable pointers on how to create an arrangement that'll have your guests thinking you hired help. Below, her top four tips.

1. Veer away from the typical Thanksgiving palette.
"I'm really inspired by blushy pink sunsets," she says. "Paired with wood accents, you can create a warm and homey, but still chic table that echoes fall without using the season's typical colors.”

2. Turn your table into a garden.
"I'll clip wild flowers from my yard (dahlias and peonies are my favorite) and fill in the gaps with ones I find at the local grocery store," Larson says. Using tall taper candles gives the room an even more autumnal feel, she adds.

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3. Go for the gold.
Gold flatware will add elegance and sophistication to even the most rustic tablescape. Unsurprisingly, Larson has three sets.

4. Add a little something extra.
"I like to stick something fragrant, like a twig of rosemary, on top of every place setting," she says. "It adds a sweet smell, and looks pretty sleek, too." Out of fresh herbs? Try dressing up your napkins with something unexpected, like these DIY wishbone place settings (pictured above).

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