How to Cover Blemishes Like a Pro

cover blemishes
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Let’s face it: No one has perfect skin, not even celebrities. But when it comes to hiding pesky imperfections, dabbing on a little extra foundation or concealer doesn’t always cut it, and a caked-on effect only makes matters worse. For a cover-up to go truly undetected, you’ll need to think like a makeup artist. Here, Kira Nasrat, who works on stars like Jamie Chung and Freida Pinto, tells us how.

The first thing you’ll want to do, she says, is spot treat the problem area. “I love using Indie Lee’s Blemish Stick ($28;,” the pro tells InStyle. “It really reduces the redness and shrinks the blemish.” Just make sure the area is completely dry before you apply foundation. For this step, Nasrat recommends Hourglass’s Immaculate Oil Free Foundation ($55;, which offers a smooth, matte finish and also happens to be one of this year’s Best Beauty Buys picks. “It goes on liquid and sets as a powder so the pimple doesn’t appear to stand out,” she adds.

For those times additional coverage is needed, Nasrat moves on to her next secret weapon: Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage concealer ($34; “It is one of my favorites to conceal blemishes with because it comes in two different shades that allow me to mix for a custom blend,” she says. “I warm up the product by mixing the shades on the back of my hand then apply it with Chanel Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush #13 ($28;, which allows me to really cover the blemish precisely.”

Afterwards, she wets a mini Beauty Blender sponge ($18 for 2; and presses it onto the skin. “This will give it a natural finish so the makeup looks seamless.”

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