Nothing says summer quite like sweating profusely in record-breaking high temps. To help you beat the sweltering heat, we’ve pieced together a no-sweat survival guide that answers, explores, and solves every issue you might encounter this summer. Welcome to our Sweat Series.

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Warm days call for adorable sundresses and an army's worth of strappy sandals. And while we spend months awaiting the dog days of summer, scorchingly hot days are often unbearable, especially when sweat gets in the way of your camera-ready look. Nothing is as frustrating as posing for a photo to find, well, unwanted stains. To battle this unfortunate occurence, we turned to the women who truly know how to look good from day tonight. Red carpet regulars have all the tips and tricks necessary for making sure not a single drop gets in the way of your glow. From simple solutions like sunblock to must-have blotting sheets, these leading ladies know exactly how to stay cool for the summer.

Sofia Vergara

"I don’t mind the heat. I come from Barranquilla, Colombia, where it’s very tropical weather. So I’m used to the heat. I actually love it. I do try not to wear, for example, moisturizers. I just go straight to the sunblock. I don’t like serums and moisturizers and then sunblock. I think that doesn’t work. I just do a good sunblock that is also moisturizing, so that your makeup won’t come off so easy."

Jennifer Hudson

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"See that's tough because I love, love, love the heat. And I want it to get hotter. I'm the type of person to turn the heat on in the summertime. I just left Jamaica, we were like, 'Can you turn on the heat?' They were like, 'We do not have heat.' And we were like, 'You don't have heat?!' But I love the heat. I don't think it could ever get hot enough for me."

Garcelle Beauvais

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"We go to the pool. We go to the beach. Or get mellow board games to stay inside."


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"That’s impossible. It’s not gonna happen. You just try to wear bedazzled things with lace and then you can breathe and get air access."

Brittany Daniel

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"Carry an umbrella? And I have these little paper blot things."

Alison Brie

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"I just keep blotting sheets with me. They are your best friend because then you don’t get cakey and powdery. I feel like it’s the perfect thing. The ones I have are the best, Tatcha ($15; They don’t take your makeup off when you blot. Certain blot sheets I feel like you use them and use them and at the end of the day you have no make-up on at all. So, these are really great."

Louise Roe

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"I’m about to go host a show in Asia and that is like another level of humidity. Jouer products cosmetics do a really good primer ($38; that stops you from shining. You’ve just got to pick your products well because they do exist, and just jump in the pool at the end of the day."

Diane Kruger

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"Well, I don’t lay out. I don’t like the sun. I never lay out. Usually, I’m fine staying in the shade. I hate it. Some people love it. I just, I don’t know. I use protection. I never, ever lay out. I use Neutrogena. My dermatologist told me that’s the best. They make really lightweight ones ($12; It’s definitely what I’ve learned living out here because I’m European and we get burned."

Greta Gerwig

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"I guess just try to make it look like you meant it. It’s a choice. Not that you’re just an insane mess. I’m a person who sweats. I just try to make it looked like I’ve slicked my hair back on purpose."

Nicole Richie

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"I’m not a huge makeup person. I like to keep my skin clean. My skin has to breathe. I have very sensitive skin and I just break out. For me, my skin, with the heat and makeup it just clogs up and it’s just not good for the skin. So I think if you can, just keep your skin clean."

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