Wondering How to Buy the Right Hair Dryer? Follow These Pro-Stylist Tips

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While it would be awesome to indulge in biweekly blowouts at Drybar, we know that you might have to resort to your own handiwork most days. Your hair dryer is a key component to getting the perfect blowout, and here's how to make the right investment.

Stay Protected
Using a dryer containing tourmaline or ceramic can create a healthier blow dry. "It allows heat to be conducted more evenly so there is less damage inflicted on strands," says celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa.

Lighten your Load
"You should look for a lightweight dryer so that you can replicate the twists and flips that your stylist creates without your arms getting fatigued half way through," says N.Y.C celebrity stylist Matthew Fugate. He likes Super Solano 3500 Lite which weighs in at under 2 pounds and is also infused with ceramic and tourmaline ($190; amazon.com).

Rev It Up
A strong motor is essential to a great blowout. "A strong airflow allows for a smooth do," says Fugate. He suggests selecting a dryer that is 1800 watts or higher. And make sure yours has a breaker box on its plug: "A regular cord can't transmit that much energy, and may be more likely to blow a fuse," says Potempa. "A breaker box lets you know it's a high-quality tool—and that it emits a lot of power. "

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