Kate Hudson Stays Motivated
Credit: Greg Kadel

In light of bikini season, which is rapidly approaching (yikes!), we're turning to one of Hollywood's best known fitness enthusiasts: Kate Hudson, who rings in her 36th birthday today, for her secrets to staying on top of the health and fitness track.

"When I'm not feeling motivated I ask myself why, and sometimes that answer is emotional, and sometimes that answer is stress related, or pure laziness, or exhaustion, and sometimes that answer is that I literally have no reason to be so unmotivated," Hudson shared with InStyle during her stint as guest editor. "I think it's about being connected, taking the time, just a couple minutes, to ask yourself how you're feeling and connect with your body and mind; connect with everything and ask yourself how you're feeling. That's my go-to strategy, to actually try to connect before anything." Hudson goes on to mention finding a fitness buddy in a girlfriend as a tried and proven key to workout success. Women helping women? We dig it.