How to Become Texting Buddies With Beyoncé's Hair Colorist

Notorious App - App to Download
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We've never seen Beyoncé or her platinum highlights look anything less than flawless, and while her recent single suggests she probably woke up like this, we're sure having her colorist Rita Hazan's info stored in her phone comes in handy for any last-minute hair tips she may need. Now, thanks to the brand-new Notorious app, you can have that same luxury.Similar to the WhatsApp messaging platform, Notorious gives users access to a number of celebrity style pros -- ranging from hair, makeup, fashion, fitness, and more -- so that you can ask them your need-to-know questions in real time. In addition to Hazan, the app has also enlisted celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser, chef Ariane Resnick, and even singer Mya as experts, with the list growing every day. You can upload reference photos -- a must if you're hunting down a killer pair of Loubs for half the price -- and you can narrow your expert options down by response time, allowing you to get the info you need exactly when you need it. Notorious is free to download, with each inquiry priced by the expert between $0.99 and $10. Find it at the iTunes store or the Google Play marketplace now.

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