How to Apply Individual False Lashes Like a Pro

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Ask any makeup artist worth her weight in Beautyblenders about individual false lashes, and she’ll likely sing their praises as an indispensable part of her kit. Why? Because sometimes mascara just isn’t enough—but a full strip of lashes would be way overboard. We tapped celebrity makeup artist Suzy Gerstein (who loves using them to make Elisabeth Moss's blue peepers really pop) to give us her four steps for easy application.

1. Prep your lashes
Nope, adding individual lashes doesn’t mean you should skip your usual routine. “Curl as normal and apply a single coat of mascara to give the false lashes a good base—almost like a shelf—they can rest on and adhere to,” says Gerstein.

2. Be patient
“Dab some clear lash glue on your hand and give it a good 30 seconds,” advises Gerstein. “Lashes will stick best if you let the glue get a little tacky.”

3. Place ‘em like a pro
Pick up a lash cluster with a pair of tweezers and dip the base in a small amount of glue. Then, snuggle the falsie in between your natural lashes. "It helps to lift your chin up, gaze down into the mirror and pull up gently on the lid with your opposite hand so you can get right in the lashline," says Gerstein. "Sometimes I’ll apply a medium-length lash at the outer edges and a shorter one in towards the center to get more of a feline, almond-shaped effect."

4. Create a lash “sandwich”
Now it's time to add the finishing touches. "Apply one more coat of mascara to sandwich the real lashes with the fake ones,” says Gerstein. Doing so not only creates a seal that helps bonds the falsie to your regular lashes, but also helps to blend them in for an even more natural—but enhanced—look.

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