It's Been 10 Years Since The House Bunny and the Movie's Stars Are Getting Nostalgic

A decade ago, Anna Faris was prancing around the Playboy Mansion and making a star turn in what's now a cult classic. That's right, we're talking about The House Bunny, a movie you're probably embarrassed to say that you're obsessed with. No judgment here, because the flick's stars are celebrating a decade of wacky outfits, raunchy comedy, and getting all misty-eyed over the time they spent together on set.

Anna Faris Overboard premiere
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Anna Faris Overboard premiere

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Entertainment Weekly reports that stars Katherine McPhee, Anna Faris, and Kat Dennings all posted throwback pics celebrating the anniversary.

Faris posted a now-iconic shot of herself in a pink matching set. "Ten years ago- I couldn’t believe I was wandering around the Playboy Mansion wearing this – I love you guys and thank you for your love," she captioned the image.

For some viewers, it was the first time they saw Faris in a big headlining role, even though she'd had parts on the small screen with a part on Friends and had screen time with flicks like Brokeback Mountain, The Hot Chick, and the Scary Movie franchise. Now, she's a bonafide star, taking the spotlight in Overboard and the CBS series Mom.

It was Kat Dennings, however, that dropped a major bomb. She posted alternate movie posters to her feed, telling her followers what could have been the name of the movie.

"IMPORTANT ALTERNATE TITLE/POSTERS," she wrote, revealing that The House Bunny could very well have been I Know What Boys Like.

Katherine McPhee showed her Zeta pride, adding the hashtag "WhereMyZetasAt" to her post. "ICONIC, if I do say so myself," she added. "Today marks the 10 year anniversary of The House Bunny."

Fans are still waiting on Emma Stone to toss in her throwback, but die-hard Zetas know that this sisterhood never fades. Whether she remembers it or not, there's no forgetting that the film's made a major splash with a huge swathe of fans.

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