By Dianna Mazzone
Updated Jan 20, 2016 @ 6:30 pm
Strobing Tools
Credit: Courtesy

You know a makeup trend is here to stay when products designed specifically to achieve the look find their way into your makeup bag. (Can you believe we once lived in a world without two-toned ombré lipsticks?) These days, it's strobing—the subtle highlighting technique that involves illuminating the high points of the face—that's earned itself a dedicated product like Hourglass's Ambient Strobe Light Sculptor ($22;

Created to work in tandem with the brand’s Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder ($38;, the sponge has a slightly rounded, diagonally-sliced tip designed to perfectly hug the high points of the face.

After pressing the angular tip into powder, we were impressed by how easily the sponge snuggled into the areas of our face we wanted to highlight—the bridge of our nose, brow bone, and the tops of our cheeks—delivering the perfect amount of product along the way. As a finishing touch, we flipped the tool over, revealing a fuzzy, flocked bottom to blend the highlighter into our foundation with just a few flicks.

Our final assessment? It’s far more precise than a standard brush, and the blender on the bottom makes streaky highlighter a thing of the past. The long and short of it: If you're a strobing mega-fan who uses the technique regularly, this sponge is worth it.