By Jane Asher
Nov 02, 2016 @ 5:00 pm

Rachel Zoe and InStyle's Editor-in-Chief Laura Brown are among the funniest fashion-savvy duos around.

The pair recently sat down to chat style, the city of Los Angeles, and October's second annual InStyle Awards, but also got into a fun round of rapid-fire questions with Brown in the hot seat. "I love rapid-fire because I want to see not the answer you think about but the one that falls out of your mouth," said Zoe, who started things off with several hilarious questions: Biggie or Tupac? In-N-Out or Shake Shack? Coffee or green juice?

Brown's answers: "Biggie," "In-N-Out!" (in an 'isn't that obvious' tone of voice), and "coffee" (because green juice "is weird").

Zoe also asked the all-important Snapchat question: "Dog filter or flower crown filter?"

"Flower crown for personal vanity," Brown said. "However, I'm using this forum to argue for the return of the koala filter."

Zoe excitedly noted, "You know, that's my favorite animal!"

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"What is the one trend you refuse to give up?" Zoe also asked.

Brown's almost-immediate response: "Slogan sweatshirts."

"That's a good one!" Zoe marveled. (As InStyle's head honcho, you'd better believe Brown has plenty of on-point fashion answers up her sleeves.)

"Sex and the City or Friends?" Zoe asked.

"Sex and the City [though] it depends on my hormonal cycle. Sometimes I'm like, 'Carrie, you're telling my story. You are me. And I am you," Brown said.

The answer surprised Zoe: "You're Carrie? And not a Miranda?"

"I'm Miranda when I do my taxes early," Brown quipped.

Watch Zoe and Brown's hilarious Q&A session by clicking on the video at top.