How to Save Money On Your Dream Honeymoon

True love may be priceless, but honeymoons sadly are not. In fact, on average a couple will spend around $4000 on their honeymoon, not including travel costs. That's not so surprising. Typically they are in a more exotic, far away location that can cost more unless you're lucky to have an aunt with a condo in a chic locale. Then it can cost less.

No matter what you plan, your post-wedding day vacation is sure to set you back a decent amount but there are a number of ways to keep your expenses in check while still enjoying your love in luxury. For example, if you already have all your kitchen appliances accounted for, consider adding a honeymoon registry to the mix. If you aren't super privy to travel secrets, definitely hire a travel agent who has access to the best deals.

Watch the full video above for more tricks of the honeymoon trade and get ready to jet off in emotional and financial peace.

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