Credit: Showtime

So long, Peter Quinn! Homeland is switching things up for Season 5, and the changes are going to be major for Carrie Mathison and company.

When the hit Showtime series returns this fall, not only will the story have jumped ahead two years, but we'll be seeing Carrie (Claire Danes) in a new country with a brand new job at the Düring Foundation, a private security firm. But that's not all: the show's lead character will also have a hot new boyfriend named Jonas (Alexander Fehling) and new boss Otto Düring (Sebastian Koch).

Laura Sutton will also join the show as Sarah Sokolovic, an American journalist who's also working for the Düring Foundation, along with Miranda Otto who will play Saul's (Mandy Patinkin) new employee, working directly under him as the Berlin Chief of Station. And apparently, all these changes are good for Ms. Mathison—Carrie is reportedly in a level-headed space when the season kicks off. We can't wait until new episodes hit the airwaves this fall.