Natalie Portman is now a 35-year-old mom, but she hasn’t changed a bit since her days as a teenager in theater camp. The OWN network recently resurfaced a 1999 clip from Portman on The Oprah Winfrey Show, and the actress brought along some home video to share with the audience.

“I went to a theater camp from I think age 12 to 15 or something, and we put on these shows. And this is Cabaret. We had a little surprise in our show,” she said, teeing up the clip.

So what exactly is the surprise? Around the 0:50 mark, one of Portman’s fellow dancers falls off of her chair, toppling to the ground. Portman, of course, handles it like a pro and doesn't miss a beat as she continues with the dance routine. Even as a teenager, she was destined for stardom.

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“She’s OK!” Portman confirms when they cut back to her. She also shares that she thinks the tape is so funny, she even showed it around to cast members on the Star Wars (Episode I – The Phantom Menace) set.

Then Winfrey, the O.G. queen of talk show surprises, brings out Lauren, the girl who fell in the video, and Portman cannot stop giggling when she embraces her old friend.

1999 television gold.