5 Tips to Create the Home Office You've Always Wanted (Even If You Think You Don't Have the Space)

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Creating a workspace at home can be challenging. Whether you have dedicated office space or a quiet corner in your bedroom designated for work (we’re talking to you, small space dwellers), the possibilities are endless. We reached out to Jeff Miller, VP of design at Poppin—the super colorful, one-stop website for everything from ballpoints to bookshelves—for some direction in getting started. An industrial designer for over 20 years for brands such as Herman Miller, Bosch and Samsung, Miller is someone who has contemplated the merits of multitudes of tables, chairs, shelving, and more. Here, he outlines the key items that will make working from home feel less like work and more like home.

Tip #1: Find a Terrific Table

Desk Watermelon

($699, bluedot.com)

“If you've got the space for it, a simple expansive table is always the best desk of all,” says Miller, noting this sleek style from Blu Dot. “I love working at my dining room table, for example, and seem to always find myself there over my home office. If you need to place a desk against a wall in a multi-use or smaller room, I like this wall-mounted surface.”

Tip #2: Find a Comfortable Chair

Desk Chair

(Starting at $1,529; dwr.com)

“For the home, the Eames Aluminum group has always been my go-to for a chair with basic ergonomic support, timeless beauty for any environment, and the best quality,” says Miller.

Tip #3: Secure Stellar Storage

Desk Rolling Cabinet

($314; poppin.com)

“People love filing cabinets, and in the end they often end up holding odds and ends even more than files, I’ve found,” says Miller. “This multifunctional cabinet is an excellent solution for objects of all sizes.” It slides easily under a simple tabletop, giving you great flexibility, and doubles as a stool for extra seating. “Visual clutter can lead to cluttering of your thoughts,” he adds. “It’s important to choose storage with doors to shut so that your mind can be clear and free.”

Tip #4: Designate a Separate Space

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($245; store.pablodesigns.com)

“If your work area is in a shared space, there are a few ways to set the area apart,” says Miller. A pendant light centered from above, like this design from Pablo (pictured above), is a stylish option. You can also use a separate rug to delineate the area. Miller likes to use FLOR carpet tiles (pictured below) for their flexibility and range of styles.

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($13/tile; flor.com)

Tip #5. Get Some Delightful Desk Accessories

“I like the idea of bringing vibrant accents to the area where I work, because when I have color in my environment it helps me think colorfully,” says Miller. “Some people pick just one color for the objects on their desks, but I like to create combinations by pairing a neutral with a bright, like mint with navy or bright coral with gray. Smaller accessories like clips and pens are an opportunity to experiment even further—they are like candies in a dish.

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($15 each; poppin.com)

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