Mood-Boosting Home Fragrances That Create a Tranquil, Happy Abode

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Just like you choose from a collection of perfumes to fit your mood each morning, your home, too, should have a selection of signature scents. It's well known, after all, that fragrance evokes emotions. "We know that the impact of scent is very individualized and powerful, and related to personal memory," says Mark Crames, CEO of Demeter Fragrance Library, "but there are scents generally associated with certain moods." With this in mind, we highlight a plethora of candles, diffusers, sprays and incense that will allow you to customize your home's scent--to create a peaceful, relaxing, or joyful abode.

Jasmine for Serenity

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“Jasmine has been known to boost confidence, brighten your mood and promote optimism,” says Kate Williams, Public Relations representative for By Rosie Jane.

1. By Rosie Jane Leila Lou candle, $38; 2. The Body Shop Jasmine and White Frangipani home fragrance oil, $6; 3. Anthropologie Capri Blue candle in Aloha Orchid, $28; 4. L’Occitane Jasmin & Bergamote candle, $38; 5. Jo Malone White Jasmine & Mint candle, $65;

Citrus for Happiness

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“There have been a number of studies conducted over the years that say citrus and fruit fragrances can help curb stress and anxiety and improve one’s overall mood," says Laura Slatkin, Founder of Nest Fragrances. "When I entertain at home, I always burn grapefruit or Sicilian tangerine [candles] because they just lift everyone’s spirits and put my guests in such a happy mood!”

1. Nest Fragrances Sicilian Tangerine candle, $38; 2. Captain Blankenship New Moon spray, $20; 3. Tocca Profumo d’Ambiente Cleopatra diffuser, $48; 4. Antica Farmacista Pomegranate, Currant & Blood Orange diffuser, $66; 5. Molton Brown Orange & Bergamot diffuser, $65;

Lavender for Tranquilty

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“The scent of lavender has long been known to have a soothing, even sedative effect on the mind and body," according to Slatkin. "It is the perfect fragrance to use at home at the end of a long, tough day when you really need to unwind and clear your mind.”

1. Bath & Body Works Sleep Lavender Vanilla pillow mist, $10; 2. Agraria Lavender Rosemary diffuser, $120; 3. Yankee Candle Lavender candle, $25; 4. Nest Fragrances Cedar Leaf and Lavender diffuser, $42; 5. Millefiori Milano Lavender room spray, $15;

Mint, Coffee, Ginger, or Eucalyptus for Motivation

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"Scents such as ginger, eucalyptus and coffee carry energy-boosting qualities," says Crames. Fragrancing a room with the notes might just get you off the sofa on those days when you need a little boost in motivation.

1. Demeter Espresso spray, $14; 2. Blackbird Incense Pyres in Ai, $28; 3. Oliver & Co. Henolia candle, $48; 4. Diptyque Ginger diffuser, 2.5 oz., $150; 5. Demeter Steam Room spray, $14, $25;

Vanilla, Patchouli, Pink Grapefruit to Calm Cravings

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“Vanilla is known to aid in suppressing chocolate cravings, patchouli is known to reduce hunger and pink grapefruit is known to reduce sweet cravings,” says Cremes. So if you're trying to stick to healthy living, try diffusing any of the scents in a kitchen or dining room.

1. Demeter Patchouli spray, $14; 2. Paddywax Vanilla and Oakmoss candle, $20; 3. Cire Trudon Ernesto candle, $95; 4. Nest Grapefruit candle, $14; 5. Pier 1 Imports Patchouli diffuser, $16;

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