Holychild, money all around
Credit: Alex Reside for

We've been fans of Holychild long before they made their mainstream debut in the Apple iWatch commercial, but our sonic obsession was officially cemented last week, after the electro-pop duo released the music video for their latest single, "Money All Around." Taking cues from VH1's Pop-Up Video, the absurdist short features lead singers Liz Nistico and Louie Diller spoofing the lives of the rich and famous by indulging in various fancy foodstuffs at a lavish restaurant, with satirical factoids blaring across the screen commenting on pop culture, ageism, and Lady Gaga (specifically, the infamous meat dress she wore to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards).

"I think it was natural to pay homage to the statement she was making," Nistico tells InStyle, on a visit to our N.Y.C. office before she and Diller took the stage at Governors Ball. "I don't know if she got the credit that she deserved." (The caption reads, "The meat on the table represents humans as lifeless objects.") Considering Holychild's mockery of high society, it's easy to draw a comparison between "Money All Around" and "Royals" by Lorde—a likeness that the band welcomes. "It's really inspiring that we're in a place where people are becoming more critical about the way that we view ourselves, our obsession with money," Nistico adds. "In case you don't get what we're trying to say, this is us literally spelling it out for you."

Watch the video for "Money All Around" here, and purchase The Shape of Brat Pop to Come for $10 on the iTunes Store.