Nothing says summer quite like sweating profusely in record-breaking high temps. To help you beat the sweltering heat, we’ve pieced together a no-sweat survival guide that answers, explores, and solves every issue you might encounter this summer. Welcome to our Sweat Series.
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There's nothing more unappealing than a lengthy discussion about sweat. But frankly, it's a subject that needs to be addressed, especially when we're faced with some excessively high temps for the next couple of months. And if there's one place that has the power to prompt pools of sweat, it's the red carpet. Make that, the red carpet in the summer.

The combination of a high-pressure environment, a bustling crowd, the summer heat, and an army of flashing bulbs should technically lead to hot messes, but behind every great star is an equally great stylist. That's why we called upon some of the most influential pros in Hollywood to reveal their secrets to keeping their A-list clients looking cool in the heat. Got an outdoor cocktail event coming up? A summer wedding? No sweat. Consider this your perspiration-free survival guide.

Go for Movement
"I always try to select styles that are breathable and catch the wind," says Rachel Wirkus, who has dressed Karlie Kloss, Erin Heatherton, and Liv Tyler. "Look for a strappy back or long flowy dress, or a skirt with a high slits paired with a flouncy top. Cut-outs and sheer styles are also great for summer."

Lose the Sleeves
"First and foremost, it's important to be sleeveless—for your armpits to be free," says Hayley Atkin whose clients include Mindy Kaling, Hilary Duff, and Lake Bell. "Sleeveless allows your body temperature to regulate, and you're able to cool down when you can feel the breeze on a hot day."

Soak Up Sweat with Tissue Paper
If going sleeveless isn't an option, "what I usually do with my clients if they think they will be sweating a lot is put tissue paper inside the sleeves of their dress at the underarm," Wirkus says. "Before the red carpet, remove and reapply when needed. This allows the dress to stay dry."

Be Mindful of Fabrics
"Silk is the worst for sweat stains but it happens to be a great look for summer," Wirkus explains. "You can still wear this style though. Choose a great flowy silk dress, one with out sleeves or a wider, more flouncy sleeve that is not too tight under the arm. This way you will stay cool and dry in the summer."

Lighten Up As Much As You Can
"As far as staying cool, white is the best. The lighter the color the better," Atkin advises. "Even when you wear brighter colors, the darker the saturation, the more sun you’ll attract, and the hotter you’ll be."

Layer with Spanx
"When it's hot, your thighs tend to rub together and chafe, which can be really uncomfortable. I often make sure my clients—even if they have the flattest stomach—to wear Spanx shorts," Atkin says. "It keeps the body together, stops your body swelling from the heat. People think that another layer will make you more hot, but it works."