Hollywood Moms (and Dads!) Celebrate Their Little Ones at the Milk + Bookies Event

Milk + Bookies Story Time Celebration event
Photo: Wenn (2); AFF-USA

Hollywood's moms and dads were out in full force at Sunday's Milk + Bookies’ Story Time Celebration in Los Angeles.

Among them were Jenna Elfman (pictured above, left), Julie Bowen (pictured above, center), and Jenny Mollen and her husband Jason Biggs (pictured above, right). Mollen, who gave birth to baby boy, Sid, in February shared how she received an unexpected gift from Lena Dunham while shooting Girls.

“It was so fun working on a show that I was already following. They let you improvise. I had such a fun time," Mollen told InStyle.com. "And I was pregnant. I came in one day and Lena was like 'I got you a gift.' She was so welcoming and sweet. She got me this amazing necklace that had all these charms on it with bottles of alcohol and hands and little cigarettes and giant eyes.”

Newlyweds Ginnifer Goodwin and Joshua Dallas also have babies on their minds. The couple, who got married earlier this month, has come straight from their own baby shower that afternoon. "We just had a baby shower last night and got literally a mountain of gifts and we haven’t opened them yet," Dallas said. "We did get this huge giraffe. It is a 4-foot giraffe from my mother, actually."

The Milk + Bookies charity donates books to children who lack access to literary resources. At their events, children are encouraged to purchase and inscribe books in order to donate them to kids in need.

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