Hollywood Medium Star Tyler Henry Dishes on What It's Like to Watch Himself on TV

Tyler Henry - Lead 2016
Photo: JB Lacroix/WireImage

Twenty-year-old clairvoyant Tyler Henry isn’t camera shy, a fact evidenced on the first season of his hit E! show, Hollywood Medium, where he met with stars like Olivia Culpo, Bella Thorne, and Carmen Electra to tap into their lives and those of their now-passed family members and close friends. How are we so sure? Henry is busy filming the reality program’s sophomore season and is ready to once again shine for the cameras.

“My favorite part of my job is really getting to connect people to their loved ones and, really, to allow them to have a release and be able to come into a session not knowing what they’re wanting or expecting, and be able to leave it feeling a sense of healing and a sense of closure. That’s really for me what it’s all about,” he told InStyle Monday morning at the NBC Upfronts red carpet in New York.

Sure, making a change in someone’s life is his priority, but Henry can’t help but pay attention to himself when each episode airs. “It’s really surreal watching myself on television because I pick up on all my mannerisms. You really get to see yourself in a completely different light when you actually watch yourself. I’m much more aware of my mannerisms going into season two,” he told us. As for the changes he’s made as a result, they’re quite minimal: “I feel like I always touch my hair all the time so I’m always correcting it. That would be one of those things.”

Don’t think slight shifts in his appearance will take away from the show’s juicy content, in which he speaks with “gorgeous” and “fabulous” stars. For Henry, it’s all about offering the best reading possible, which is the reason he’s so driven. “The best career advice I’ve ever received I would say is honestly just to keep going, follow your passion,” he divulged. “It does sound cliché, but honestly it’s true. It requires movement and you’ve got to have action.”

Hollywood Medium returns August 16 at 8 p.m. on E!

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