By Katie Donbavand
Updated Dec 23, 2014 @ 4:31 pm
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So your sister-in-law is bringing all five of her kids? No sweat. With these festive owl-themed table settings, your pint-sized guests won't even notice the kids table is actually just two card tables squeezed together and covered with a sheet.

Makes: 10 place settings

Supplies:Glue gun ($5; twigs (about 4 inches each) for the perch10 short skinny twigs, about 1.5 inches long, for the stand20 small, approximately 1.5 inches, pieces of pine branch10 acorn "caps" (make sure squirrels have fully divested the acorn of its nut)40 glass stones ($8; glitter owl ornaments ($2 each; chalkboard tags ($3 for 4;

Credit: Courtesy

Directions:1. Scissors in hand, hit the backyard. While your kids scavenge for twigs and acorn "caps," snip 20 small pieces of pine.

2. Have your children measure out the twigs (each should be about 4 inches) and write the initials of each child on the chalkboard tags. Trim twigs with scissors and remove any bumps that would otherwise prevent it from fitting snugly together with a second twig to make a branch perch for your owl.

3. Once you have found two twigs that fit together easily, apply glue to the middle section of both ends of one piece and then quickly adhere the other twig. Hold for 5 seconds until glue has set.

4. With a small kitchen knife, carve a tiny hole on the back of the owl; put a drop of glue in there, then stick one of the small skinny twigs in. This will provide support for the owl so it doesn't topple over. Think of it as a kickstand for your bird.

5. Glue the owl to the branch, holds for 3 seconds until it sets, then attach the acorn hat to the head.

6. Glue two stones on either side of the bird. Apply a dot of glue to the bottom of a piece of pine and then quickly nestle it in between the two glass rocks. Repeat on either side.

7. Hang the chalkboard tag around the bird's neck.