Taylor As Cleopatra
Credit: Popperfoto/Getty Images

Though the lob as we know has been trending for the past few years, the long bob had been a look far before the term was coined. Technically, a lob qualifies as a length extending past the chin, ending around the shoulder or collarbone area, and after the 1920s, many women allowed the shorter, flapper-esque bobs to take on a variety of new forms, decade after decade. Take Elizabeth Taylor's multi-tiered version from Cleopatra—though the style was one of 20 different wigs she wore throughout filming, the shoulder-grazing look perfectly framed her face, and with its trendy baby bangs, was one we're sure the Queen of the Nile would have approved of. Along with Taylor, we took a look back at the most-flattering haircut throughout the decades, and the many different forms it took on from the 1930s, all the way up to today. Click through our gallery to take a retrospective look at how the lob has evolved!