Credit: ullstein bild/Getty

Unlike the unhealthy Instagram trends of yore (thigh gap flaunting, rib cage bragging, the A4 challenge, et al…), the latest phenomenon to overtake the social media platform is actually awesome—and totally body positive!

“Hip Dips” (or "Violin Hips") are exactly what they sounds like—the indentations (dips) where your hips meets your thighs. Although often a source of insecurity among women, the bodily curve is completely natural and, as social media users are learning, a thing to be celebrated.

#hipdips is trending up a storm—over 1,300 posts bear the hashtag on Instagram alone.

The new body-positive phenomenon is totally rewriting that narrative of physical otherness—you know, the one running through your head when you find a hair in an odd place or a particularly rough patch of skin on your body and imagine you’re the only living monster with such problems? Well, you aren’t:

Praise be, Hip Dips!