A Politician Surpassed Kate Middleton and Oprah in 2017's "Most Admired Woman" Poll

The American public has named the woman they admire most, and the person in the No. 1 spot may surprise you, considering the results of the 2016 election.

According to a recent Gallup poll, Hillary Clinton is the most admired woman by Americans, edging out Michelle Obama for the top spot.

Ian West/PA Images

The former Democratic presidential candidate took home the title for the 16th year in a row, making her the person named “most admired” more than anyone else in Gallup history.

Oprah Kate Middleton
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Following Clinton and former First Lady Michelle Obama were Oprah Winfrey, Elizabeth Warren, Angela Merkel, Queen Elizabeth II, Condoleezza Rice, Melania Trump, Nikki Haley, Kate Middleton, and Beyoncé Knowles.

On the men’s side, another famous politician took the top spot. Former President Barack Obama took first place, while the current POTUS, Donald Trump, came in second. Following the presidents were Pope Francis, Reverend Billy Graham, John McCain, Elon Musk, Bernie Sanders, Bill Gates, Benjamin Netanyahu, Jeff Bezos, the Dalai Lama, and Mike Pence.

Check out the list—complete with the percentage of votes for each top finisher—above.

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