Hillary Clinton Encourages Women to Continue to Make Their Voices Heard

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton closed out the 2018 Makers Conference in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

The women’s conference, which saw an array of celebrated speakers ranging from Nicole Richie and Ava DuVernay to Gloria Steinem and Lena Waithe, ended on a high note by virtue of its final guest.

Deadline reports that during her address, Clinton urged women to take the action they hope to see.

Hillary Clinton
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

“We’re in the midst of war on truth, facts, and reason,” she said in a not-so-subtle jab at the Trump administration.

“I know at times it can be overwhelming,” Clinton continued, “but every one of us has the power to hold people accountable.”

The political icon proposed that we fight the system by running for office ourselves. “The only way to get sexism out of politics is to get women in politics,” she declared.

Amen to that, Hillary. While Oprah may not be game for a 2020 run, the future of American politics is decisively female.

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