By Olivia Bahou
Oct 14, 2016 @ 2:00 pm

When presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show for Friday's episode, the talk show host had an epic surprise waiting for her. DeGeneres had her team transform the most recent presidential debate into a “dance-off” between Clinton and viral sensation Ken Bone, aka the man in the red sweater.

“Clearly, the winner of this debate was the guy in the red sweater, Ken Bone. For some reason, no one is talking about this moment, but we have to show it,” DeGeneres said to introduce the hilarious clip, which shows altered footage of the duo showing off a series of incredible dance moves.

The presidential candidate couldn’t stop laughing. “That was the best dancing I’ve ever done. He wasn’t bad either. We were good together,” she said.

The talk show host also asked Clinton what she’s wishing for her 69th birthday on Oct. 26. “I have several wishes. One of them obviously includes the election,” she said. “I really wish that I will be the president that our country needs right now. That’s my deepest hope.”

“Just think of it this way: I will be the youngest woman ever elected President of the United States,” she laughed. Watch the epic dance battle in the video at top.