Hillary Clinton and Her Pantsuits: A Look at Her Colorful Campaign Style

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When it comes to uniform dressing, there's no one who is as resolutely committed, as alarmingly consistent as the 2016 presidential Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and her expansive wardrobe of pantsuits. It's a uniform that spans decades, that can be traced as far back as the '90s when she served as First Lady. And even though her notorious penchant for color-coordinated suit separates has come under fire on more than one occasion, it will be these pantsuits (among political agendas and visionary plans, of course) that will set her apart during her run for the cushioned seat in the Oval Office.

It's true that fashion has found a neat residence in the world of politics (as InStyle's Eric Wilson pointed out—it's dominated by an oversaturation of First Lady fashion), which is why the spotlight on Clinton's sartorial prowess will be greater than ever. And as it turns out, a lot more goes into picking out pantsuits than we would have ever guessed. Clinton may be limited in silhouette, but she has the freedom to choose from a rainbow of colors.

With that said, we rounded up Clinton's greatest hits, the pantsuit edition, from 1995 to present day.

PHOTOS: Hillary Clinton's Career in Pantsuits

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