Hillary Clinton Celebrates Her 69th Birthday at an Adele Concert: "I'm a Huge Fan"

Hillary Clinton and Adele - Lead
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Hillary Clinton is more than a presidential hopeful—she’s also a major Adele fan, and it looks like the feeling is mutual. Clinton spent Tuesday night (the day before her 69th birthday) at an Adele concert, ringing in the special day with a surprise shout-out from the “Hello” singer.

While Adele isn’t a U.S. citizen, she had no problem endorsing HRC for president, reminding us that American politics has global implications. “I am English, but what happens in America affects me, too,” she said.

“I am 100 percent for Hillary Clinton. I love her. She’s amazing,” she told the crowd, with Clinton and her staff in attendance.

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The presidential nominee said the feeling is mutual: “I went to the Adele concert after we finished our day of campaigning in Florida and I was stunned and thrilled because I’m a huge fan of hers and it meant a lot to me that she said something so positive,” Clinton told SiriusXM.

“That was quite a birthday surprise, @Adele. Loved the show last night!” she tweeted.

We’re so on board with these two becoming fast friends.

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