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Anna Hecht
Oct 26, 2015 @ 6:30 am

Politician and presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has a lot on her plate as of late. And, on this particular day, the former Secretary of State is adding "birthday girl" to her long list of existing titles. Congrats, Hillary!

Born 68 years ago today, Clinton is known for many things—one being, of course, that she's on track to possibly being elected America's first female president. Armed with a long list of important issues to tackle should she be named Chief Executive, Clinton's persistence and tenacity as a candidate have proven her a worthy opponent in the polls.

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And then, there's the former first lady's formidable style, which, has caused quite a stir among InStyle staffers. Not only does Clinton know how to rock a monochromatic pantsuit, but it's pretty impressive that she also manages to pull off the look in literally any color. Yellow, pink, orange, purple—you name it—Clinton's worn it and worn it well.

In honor of Clinton's birthday, we raise a toast to the presidential candidate with the most ... pantsuits! To see for yourself, check out Clinton's chicest pantsuit style moments below.

See Hillary Clinton's Most Colorful Pantsuits

Happy birthday, Hillary!

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