Hillary Clinton Chelsea Clinton
Credit: Stan Honda/Getty Images

It's been a busy couple of months for 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who's been tirelessly campaigning for the coveted spot of U.S. chief executive. Here, Clinton was able to sit down alongside daughter, Chelsea Clinton, to chat with about some more light-hearted affairs. On the agenda? The last time the mother-daughter duo could not stop laughing.

"I get a lot of amusement out of my staff. We drive around... we fly around... and they have pretty good senses of humor," Clinton said. "Last night on the plane they were ribbing each other, carrying on, and making jokes. And, I was listening and just smiling and laughing."

For Chelsea, her last moment with the giggles involved her 1-year-old daughter, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky, with husband Marc Mezvinsky. "My husband wears glasses... and she's been trying to put his glasses on for months," Chelsea said. "She finally figured out how to put his glasses on and she looked just so proud of herself. And, I just can't stop laughing because obviously she can't see [in them]!"

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