Hilary Swank - Lead
Credit: Rachel Murray/Getty Images

You don't simply wake up one morning to find an Academy Award sitting on your nightstand. It takes a serious level of tenacity, resilience, and of course, Hollywood-approved acting chops to earn one. That’s precisely how Hilary Swank earned her two Oscars for leading roles that push the boundaries of convention. However, a healthy balance between work and play is just as vital, which took Swank time to recognize and achieve. "I had to learn how to rest and how to really turn off," Swank tells InStyle.

“I wasn’t very good at ever recharging,” she says. “And then I realized that that was a super important part of being able to give more in whatever facet it was—whether it was to my career or to my family. Or that if you’re not really recharging you can’t fully be present in the things that you really care about and that you really love.”

For the actress, the great outdoors is a go-to escape. “Sometimes it’s as simple as taking my dogs, my two rescues on a hike or to the beach,” she says. “Or working in my garden and having a vegetable garden and cooking a meal for my friends or even just for myself. Sometimes it’s just getting a good book and sitting down and getting lost in a book and in a story. But whatever it is, I try and make that time.” Nearby park, here we come.