Hilary Swank

Imagine being fired from a high-profile job, only to find yourself in a life-changing gig just two months later. That's exactly what happened to Hilary Swank back in the late 90's when she was let go from her role as Carly Reynolds on Beverly Hills, 90210, only to find herself cast as Brandon Teena in the powerful, Academy Award-winning drama Boys Don't Cry soon after. Swank discussed her sliding doors career moment during her visit to Conan on Tuesday night.

The Homesman star recalled, "I was on 90210 during the eighth season when no one watched anymore and Luke Perry was long gone." Swank was fired just 13 episodes into her two-year contract with the soap opera and said she was "devastated" by the experience.

Of course, Swank—who looked casually chic wearing a striped dress and side-swept hair for her Conan appearance— can now see, as she put it, the "silver lining" of losing 90210 to gain the first of her two Oscar-winning roles. Enjoy the full exchange here, including when Swank introduced her adorable friends and family who excitedly watched from the audience: