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She sketched dresses for her Disney princesses as a child, so it’s no surprise that Hilary Peterson, 32, ended up in fashion. Today, as the head of business development for Lyst, a site that aggregates your favorite designer wares in one place, she’s constantly meeting with designers, retailers and bloggers to come up with ways to grow the brand.

What’s the best reason for a shopper to use Lyst?Hilary: They’re going to find more of what they love. If Lyst were a person, she’d be your cooler, stylish friend helping you shop. We want you to discover more fashion that you love and we’re there to help you do so.

Who is your style muse?Hilary: Bridget Bardot. I am voluptuous, and with that type of figure I find more formfitting, classic, sophisticated lines work better—pencil skirts, button downs, lightweight knits, etc. And I’m kind of obsessed with the character [from Scandal, played by Kerry Washington] Olivia Pope’s wardrobe. How does she wear white and drink red wine all the time?

What item of clothing do you plan on splurging on this season?Hilary: This Tom Ford pencil skirt with a zipper up the back. I’m kind of obsessed with it. And Elder Statesman cashmere. It’s certainly expensive and most definitely a splurge, but if I’m going to do it, I believe in investing in like, 10 pieces.

What are your workday and weekend uniforms?Hilary: If I’m not doing the whole dress-to-impress thing, I’m usually wearing leggings, an LNA t-shirt, or some sort of cashmere accessory like a scarf or sweater. And Balenciaga Moto boots. I wear those pretty much every day. If I’m getting dressed up, Nina Ricci is doing great little sweater vests, pencil skirts, that type of thing. On the weekend, jeans, leggings, motorcycle boots, t-shirts. Everyone in my office jokes that I have more white t-shirts than anyone in the world.

You feel most creative when you’re wearing…Hilary: My Beyond Yoga leggings. I’m most creative when I’m unplugged, running, and don’t have a choice but to let my mind wander.

—Michelle Hainer

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