We finally have some insight on why the revival is on hiatus. 


It seems there’s some drama brewing behind the scenes at the happiest streaming service on earth.

While there are few things that seem worthy of excitement in 2020, we were hopeful that a Disney+ revival of Lizzie McGuire would be a bright spot in the year ahead. Well, we have bad news for anyone whose idea of a good time involves bouncing a red ball to a certified early-aughts bop.

Last month, a Disney spokesperson announced that after filming two episodes of the series, they’d decided to “move in a different creative direction” and put “a new lens on the show.” This was a polite way of saying that showrunner Terri Minsky, who created the original series, was stepping down. A new showrunner has yet to be named.

The fate of the series has remained unclear in the weeks since, but star Hilary Duff seemed to lend a bit of an explanation (and also some *shade*!) to the situation.

On Monday, it was revealed that another Disney+ series, Love, Simon TV adaptation Love, Victor, was moving to Hulu due to “adult themes” that Disney+ execs allegedly deemed inappropriate for a family-centered audience. Duff captured a screenshot of one of the articles relaying the news through the headline “Love, Simon TV Show Pulled From Disney+ as It’s Not ‘Family-Friendly.’” Circling the headline on her Instagram Story, Duff wrote “Sounds familiar .. ”

Hilary Duff Instagram story
Credit: Instagram/hilaryduff

So ... does this mean the Lizzie revival is seeking a new home? Or perhaps that Minsky’s vision had too many “adult themes” for the streaming service?

This drama is decidedly not what dreams are made of.