Baby Banks is 8 months old.


Hilary Duff is coming under fire for giving her baby a little bit of bling. E! News reports that after posting a snap of baby Banks (who she shares with fiancé Matthew Koma) to her Instagram stories, Duff's followers and internet critics came at her, saying that the baby, who is 8 months old, is too young to have her ears pierced.

"I can't fathom why you would you think it's okay to have your daughters ears pierced. Causing her a tremendous amount of pain and discomfort," one Instagram user commented. Other followers even claimed that the "pain" that Duff caused her daughter merited an un-follow. "Babies are beautiful, why would they need their ears piercing?" another follower wrote.

Hilary Duff
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E! adds that the piercings may be new, since in her posts throughout the month of May, Duff's daughter doesn't appear to have the tiny studs. Duff confirmed the speculation with a note in her stories, writing, "oh and yes we pierced her ears."

Not every comment was against the earrings. "I am 51 yrs old and my sister and I had our ears pierced when we were babies as well and done with a needle," a comment read. "I'm ok, I'm not traumatized and I don't remember because I was a baby. People need to stop judging what other people do, and look at what goes on in their own home."

Hilary Duff Instagram Baby Banks Ears Pierced
Credit: Instagam/@HilaryDuff

The earrings made another cameo in Duff's latest post, where she made it very clear she's not letting the comments get to her.

Duff's no stranger to being mom-shamed. When she posted a snapshot of herself eating Brussels sprouts, the commenters came at her for eating foods that cause gas. That may not seem like a big deal, but some were connecting it to baby Banks's colic. Duff didn't respond to haters then, either.