Lizzie McGuire Looks Like a Modern Cher Horowitz Now

Loving the new look, Lizzie.

Lizzie McGuire is officially back, and she's taking on the Big Apple.

Hilary Duff gave us our first look at an adult Lizzie in a fun Instagram snap of the character clad in a much different, decidedly more mature outfit than were used to. She's channeling some serious Cher Horowitz vibes in her Clueless-like outfit, in fact, which has us very excited to see what else the show has in store for the character.

We always knew Lizzie was a fashionista, but what a legitimate Betty! Duff was clad in a black and cold checkered outfit with a black top underneath, a matching gold coat, and a few necklaces to tie it all together. She paired the look with black boots for a striking outfit that even cartoon Lizzie should have nothing to complain about with.

"Happy first LIZZIE day!!!!! NYC.....cue the rain 😏🎥 #lizziemcguire," Hilary captioned the candid photo.

The actress was seen bringing Lizzie to life in another fun look at the series, with Hilary in character carrying a massive stuffed alpaca through the city. We have no idea what the story is behind that, but it looks like another hilarious predicament for Lizzie.

"Alpaca your bags! #LizzieMcGuire, an original series coming soon to #DisneyPlus, is heading to the Big Apple for the next chapter in Lizzie’s story. Check out this exclusive photo from the first day of production," read Disney's official caption. Hilary Duff didn't miss a beat as she responded to the fun behind-the-scenes photo.

"The alpacas name is Henry. And she really kept a girl warm today," she joked.

The Lizzie McGuire reboot will be an important pillar of the new Disney+ streaming service, and will revolve around a 30-year-old Lizzie as she navigates her new life in New York City.

Original series creator Terri Minsky is returning as showrunner, and the show will even include Hailie Todd, Robert Carradine, and Jake Thomas as they reprise their roles as Lizzie's family. A few days ago, we got a sneak peek of the family spending time together at a set being built of the McGuires' living room.

“We are standing in what will soon be the McGuire living room,” Hilary Duff wrote alongside her photo. “What’s up fam. We doin this #lizziemcguire #disneyplus.”

If this first outfit is any indication, we've got a serious style inspiration brewing with adult Lizzie. We can't wait to see what looks are on their way next.

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