Hilarious Kids Who Took Over Their Parents' Live Interviews

Dad Interview - Interrupting
Photo: YELIM LEE/AFP/Getty

Professor Robert Kelly's BBC Skype call isn't the first time we've seen kids adorably interrupt an interview, and we're sure it certainly won't be the last. The family held a press conference about the botched interview on Thursday, and we're pretty sure it's safe to say that Kelly's older daughter, Marion, once again stole the show.

Kids are pretty unfazed by things like big cameras and TV appearances: for a three-year-old, a dad's lap is always a readily available seat, even when he's giving one of the biggest talks of his career in front of a live audience. No one knows this better than Riley Curry, basketball star Stephen Curry's young daughter who has made a habit of climbing up on stage to join him at post-game press conferences. Dad just made the play of the year? No better time to sing "All the Way Up" into a microphone, right?

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Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett may have just won a Super Bowl title, but that doesn't mean much to his toddler-age daughter, who fully crashed his press conference after the big game.

Scroll down below to see the funniest kid interview crashers ever.

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