By Isabel Jones
Updated Oct 19, 2017 @ 11:15 am
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Beloved children’s clothing brand Janie and Jack has been keeping Hilaria Baldwin and her family on their style game for years—the wellness expert and mother of three (Carmen, 4, Rafael, 2, and Leo, 1) says she’s been taking cues from their looks since her daughter was just six months old. “I was visiting San Francisco and [my friend] brought me to this store, and it had the cutest clothes ever. I became a super fan. The quality is amazing, it’s adorable, it’s not crazy, crazy expensive. It was love at first sight,” Baldwin told InStyle.

Now that Carmen is 4, Hilaria says, she picks out all her own clothes. Carmen’s even besting her fashionable mama, the Yoga Vida co-founder joked. “I look back and I’m like ‘OK, my daughter’s much better at picking out outfits than probably me now." As a special holiday treat, Janie and Jack released a capsule collection which comes with festive pieces for both kids and their stylish moms—and the Baldwins were thrilled to star in its campaign. For the occasion, Carmen got to pick out a coordinating set of outfits for herself and Hilaria. See her sartorial stylings below:

Credit: Simon
Credit: Simon
Credit: Simon
Credit: Simon

Of course, style isn’t the only arena where mother and daughter align. Carmen, Rafael, and Leo are all eager to live by their parents’ examples.

“They’re at the age where they’ll want to emulate the parent, whether it’s me or Alec. So you’ll ask them ‘Do yoga’ and they’ll put their head on the ground and lift one leg up, or something like that,” Hilaria explained.

Hmm … So does that mean we can look forward to Donald Trump impressions from the whole family? That would be a resounding no. “She doesn’t understand what the president is,” Hilaria said of Carmen. “She understands that daddy plays Donald Trump, and he paints himself orange, she understands that we believe that Trump is not a kind person to people, but she’s never seen the sketches.”

When it comes to the rest of dad’s oeuvre, there’s also some confusion.

“[Alec’s] done a few things that are appropriate for kids, but it’s hard for them to understand that that cartoon is daddy—it’s daddy’s voice and it goes in the cartoon,” Hilaria explained. “We were watching Madagascar and Carmen asked me, she said, ‘Is the zebra a boy or a girl?’ and I said, ‘He’s a boy,’ and she said ‘How do you know?’ and I said, ‘Because I know him. I actually know all the actors that are doing the voices.’ And she looks at me and she’s like, ‘You know a zebra?? You know a talking zebra??’ And I try to explain it to her and she rolls her eyes and is like OK, whatever mommy... Like with Boss Baby, I tried to explain it to her and she’s like ‘Aww, look at daddy when he was a baby, wasn’t he so cute.’ "

But Hilaria’s confident it won’t be long before the whole family understands dad’s line of work. “Little by little I think developmentally it will sink in and she’ll be able to get it." It’s not just the kids who’ve needed time to wrap their heads around Alec’s career. “When I got together with Alec it took me a while to understand. I knew nothing about him before I met him. I’d never had a TV in my entire life, I knew nothing about it. So like, for a 4-year-old, I’ll give her some time,” she said.

For now, Hilaria and her children are focused on Halloween, though she’s keeping their famously coordinating costumes under wraps. “I cannot tell you how excited I am,” she teased.

Keep your eyes peeled—you won’t want to miss the Baldwin family’s festive photo-opp!