This Student Looks Exactly Like Regina George in Her Senior Portraits

Photo: Mean Girls/Facebook

High school senior April Turner has officially gone viral for simply being herself.

Last week, Turner did what any proud student would do: She shared her senior portraits on Twitter. “It’s about time,” she wrote alongside two shots of herself. In one, she’s wearing a black number with a pendant-like necklace, while another also finds her smiling, this time wearing a feathered pink top.

While April’s shots were #SchoolPhotoGoals, things took a crazy turn when people began to realize she kinda sort of really looks like Regina George, aka Rachel McAdams’s villainous Mean Girls characters. From then on, the Internet went wild.

Of course, everyone brought it with their best Mean Girls GIFs.

Apparently, Turner was confused and unsure about the big fuss.

So does she too see the resemblance? “No one has ever told me that I look like her before,” she told Buzzfeed. “This is definitely a first.”

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“And I don’t necessarily agree with the comparison just because my hair is naturally curly, but in the picture maybe I look like her a little bit,” she added.

Thankfully, she thought it was funny. “It’s definitely one of my absolute favorite movies,” she said. “I could probably recite the whole thing!”

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