Here's the Secret to Olivia Wilde's Glowing Complexion

Olivia Wilde - Revlon - Skincare
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Olivia Wilde never fails to look radiant on and off the red carpet, and while her luminous complexion can be credited in part to the infamous "pregnancy glow," she takes careful measures to make sure that it doesn't fade. Her motto? Less is more. "My skincare routine is very simple. I wash it, I moisturize it, and I exfoliate once a week, but when the weather is cold like this, I'll use a thicker moisturizer, but not much more," she told reporters at a launch event for Revlon's Age Defying Foundation, of which she and Halle Berry are the celebrity faces. "It's about finding things that work for you, learning how and where to use concealer, and just taking care of your skin. Being pregnant, I learned so much about how you respond to your body. It's kind of the only time in our lives where we're conscious of our bodies in a thoughtful way, and we're kinder to ourselves. We think about things like 'What am I doing to my skin? What am I eating? How am I working out?'''

But even before she started her journey as a mommy-to-be, Wilde took a minimalist approach in terms of skin products and complexion-perfectors. "I'm not great at remembering all the other creams you can use -- eye creams and all that -- I keep it pretty low-key," she added. "No one has a perfect complexion. Makeup certainly helps, but it's not about slathering on foundation. It's about finding things that work for you, learning how and where to use concealer, and staying hydrated." Well said!

Be sure to catch Olivia this Thursday at 8:38 a.m. EST on NBC or, where she will be announcing this year's Golden Globe nominees with Zoe Saldana and Aziz Ansari. "I'm excited! I have to wake up at 3 AM to get ready, but it will be nice to say some of my friends' names and give them recognition -- especially since they'll probably be sitting and watching like 'Say my name, say my name!'" she told us. Destiny's Child would be proud! MORE:• Find Out Olivia Wilde's Makeup Must-HavesWhat Was Olivia’s Favorite Red Carpet Moment?• Try on Olivia’s Gorgeous Hairstyles!

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