New Apple Emojis
Credit: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty

Good news for the chronic emoji users amongst us—if you're text messages and Instagram captions consist mainly of those small digital images, your vocabulary is about to get a whole lot broader. In the latest update to iOS, Apple's operating system, the tech company is reportedly releasing a new batch of emojis that includes many racially diverse ones.

Apple has yet to publicly confirm the news and so far the new emojis are only available to beta testers. However, it appears that the new batch of our favorite smileys will include faces, families, and the thumbs up and thumbs down emojis in six different skin colors. Unicode, the emoji developer, announced in November that it would be adding five new skin colors based on the Fitzpatrick scale come June 2015.

While we can't wait to add these new smileys to our texting vernacular, we're still hoping for a middle finger, taco, and #flawless Beyoncé emoji too.