Here's How You Can Get Jennifer Lopez's Signature Bombshell Waves


We may never uncover the secrets to Jennifer Lopez’s seemingly ageless glow and washboard abs, but thanks to some helpful hints from her mane gal, Jen Atkin, the star’s signature hairstyle is more attainable than ever. Read on for her must-know tips on achieving voluminous, bombshell waves.

The first thing you’ll need to pump up the volume? Those universally flattering (and most-googled) layers. The ringlet master, who prepped Lopez with long, tousled waves on American Idol, says to ask your stylist for lots of long layers to give your curls movement and bounce. “If it’s all one length and really long, it’s hard to get that body and movement that Jennifer has,” Atkin tells InStyle. When it comes to styling your layers at home, she recommends taking a “less is more” approach by creating loose waves in small sections. “If you start to get too crazy with the curls and use too small of a curling iron, it starts to look adolescent instead of sexy.”PHOTOS: How You Can Score a Googlicious Haircut But before you can achieve those perfectly tousled curls, you’ll want to start with a clean slate. “You’re never going to get that full, voluminous look if you have an oily scalp or if you haven’t taken care of your scalp,” she adds. “So it’s all about starting at the base, starting at the root and making sure that your hair is really clean.” She recommends Clear’s Volumizing Root Boost shampoo ($5; for a fresh foundation and loads of lift. If you have fine hair, she suggests prepping with a texturizing beach spray; then, start blowing out 1½–inch sections with a round brush. Set your strands as you blow dry with the cooling button to lock in volume. Once it’s dry, grab a 1½–inch curling iron (she loves GHD’s line, $245; and hold the barrel vertically as you wrap hair away from the face. “I always hold an inch of the hair out so it gets nice body and movement and the end doesn’t look too curled or too fussy,” she says.

Now that you know the secrets to Lopez’s flawless tresses, you may be wondering how you can keep your hair looking just as healthy, too. “It’s super important to do weekly treatments. Sunday is not only the perfect day to unwind, but it makes for a solid routine to cleanse away a week of buildup and restore luster,” Atkin adds. She recommends Clear’s Intense Hydration Mask ($5; “It’s infused with cactus extract which leaves the hair with a silky smooth finish."PHOTOS: Relive Jennifer Lopez's Best Beauty Moments

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