Here's How Naomi Watts and Sienna Miller Got Glowing for the Oscars

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

The impeccable makeup Sienna Miller and Naomi Watts wore to the Oscars isn't the only reason they were glowing! A few days before walking the carpet on Sunday night, both stars prepped for the big event by paying a visit to dermatologist David Colbert, M.D., to indulge in his famed Triad Facial, which packs major long and short-term benefits for your complexion.

The treatment starts with light microdermabrasion to slough away dead skin cells, and is followed by a round of laser toning. This stimulates even the deepest levels of your skin, helping it to look and feel more youthful, encouraging long-term collagen production, and reducing the appearance of uneven pigmentation to boot. A gentle chemical peel finishes off the treatment, imparting a radiant and smooth complexion.

Can't book an appointment? Queue up your spa moods playlist on Spotify and mimic similar effects at home with Colbert’s Intensify Facial Discs ($64;, which imitate the facial's first step of microdermabrasion to encourage cell renewal, and intensify the effectiveness of other products. Then, follow with a layer of the Stimulate The Serum ($154; to replace the peel and laser toning steps, and allow the mixture of glycolic acid, coffee seed extract, and collagen-boosting gotu kola work their magic.

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