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It's National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, and celebrities and designers alike have come out in full force to spread messages of kindness. From pay-it-forward motivational bracelets to tissue packs with inspirational quotes, tons of campaigns have launched with the goal of eradicating bullying and cyberbullying on both a national and global scale.

Now, three anti-bullying initiatives have launched additional campaigns specifically in honor of National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. Scroll down to learn how each of endeavor aims to promote kindness and positivity.

Little Words Project Teams Up with The Farley Project

The Mission: Founded by Adriana Botti, Little Words Project creates beaded bracelets (above) featuring words that are meant to inspire kindness. But these Swarovski-encrusted bracelets are more than just arm candy. They’re actually part of a pay-it-forward program that encourages young women to pass their bracelet along to someone else in need of support when they’re done with it. “Words have the power to tear you down if you let them, especially now in the digital age,” says Botti, who was a victim of bullying throughout her teens. “I created Little Words Project in an effort to put some positive power back into those very words.”

This Month's Goal: This month, Botti has teamed up with The Farley Project, a non-profit that teaches kids to be nice to each other. They've launched a trio of bracelets called “The Kindness Collection,” available now for $18 to $21 at “While we aim to spread kindness through a simple accessory, The Farley Project does so through school visits and curriculums, so a partnership made a lot of sense,” says Botti. “We chose to feature the words ‘Confidence,’ ‘Kindness,’ and ‘Courage,’ because we want to instill confidence in those who need it most, encourage kindness and not cruelty amongst young people, and inspire courage in the hearts of those dealing with bullying.”

How to Join the Movement: “Stack your arm with your personal mantras as a reminder to live your best life day after day,” says Botti. “The more bracelets you wear, the more empowered you feel.” Each bracelet has a tag inscribed with a unique number, allowing it to be registered and tracked online as it moves from one wrist to another. At the end of October, 40% of the collection’s proceeds will be donated to The Farley Project’s continued efforts to prevent bullying. Learn more about the cause at

The Kind Campaign Partners with Kleenex

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The Mission: Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson started The Kind Campaign in 2009 after discovering that they had similar experiences being bullied in high school. They set out to make an anti-bullying film called Finding Kind, but the project soon became something larger. "We realized that this could be so much more than just a documentary," Paul tells InStyle. "So then we came up with the idea for school assembly programs and a curriculum. Since then, we've traveled the country and spoken in almost 400 schools." And the results have been worth it. "It’s incredible to watch girls completely transform in a two-hour assembly," says Thompson. "There’s this camp-like feeling in the room, and we really wanted to take that and create a long-lasting conversation throughout the rest of the school year so that energy doesn’t die down."

This Month's Goal: Paul and Thompson are keeping busy for National Anti-Bullying Month. "We’re gone for the entire month of October—we’re doing about 30 assemblies just for our fall tour," says Paul. And no locations are off limits now that the campaign has teamed up with Kleenex, making the programming free of charge for the schools. "Partnerships like this open us up to Title One schools across the country who couldn’t afford the programming otherwise," says Paul. And this was a particularly poignant match. "Our assemblies are so emotional that Kleenex is already a part of these moments that we have with the girls."

How to Join the Movement: "Not only is the brand allowing all of our programs for October to be free of charge, they’re also bringing Kleenex pocket packs that actually offer a way to take action," says Paul. "There’s space on the pocket pack to write a message to somebody, so girls can give another apology or kind card to someone even after the assembly just by using that." Check out Kleenex's Messages of Care mission at, and learn more about the Kind Campaign at

STOMP Out Bullying Unites Celebrities

The Mission: The anti-bullying and cyberbullying organization aims to increase awareness of the impact that bullying has on kids of all ages. STOMP Out Bullying encourages communities to band together to put an end to violence in schools and digital abuse, as well as teaches effective solutions for handling bullying.

This Month's Goal: Celebrities including Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, and Zachary Quinto have filmed videos for the cause to put a stop to bullying. The organization celebrated its annual Blue Shirt Day World Day of Bullying Prevention on Monday, October 5—and there are more inspiring dates to come. During the week of October 12, the campaign encourages students to make friends with someone they don't know at school in order to prevent peers from becoming isolated. And October 19 is the start of Stand Up for Others Week, which encourages students to be brave and stick up for bullied peers or seek help from an adult to put a stop to the situation.

How to Join the Movement: Students can create their own anti-bullying videos and share inspirational stories on the Stomp Out Bullying website. See the celebrity videos at