By Ellin Stein
Jan 08, 2015 @ 3:31 pm

Hugh Bonneville, better known to viewers of Downton Abbey as the Earl of Grantham, has made a video to urge DA fans to contribute to the restoration of a 400-year-old building that has appeared in every season of the show as the Downton Cottage Hospital (where Lady Sybil tended injured WW1 soldiers).

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In real life the building is called the Old Grammar School and serves as a library and town museum for Bampton, the Oxfordshire village that portrays Downton village. The village has become a magnet for visitors, who come to Bampton to see the church that served as the scene of Lady Mary's wedding to Matthew Crawley, or the house next to the Old Grammar School that serves at the home of Matthew's mother, Isabel Crawley.


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To help raise funds for the building fix-up, there will be an auction with prizes including Downton-related art work and tours (unfortunately the auction is open to U.K. residents only, but anyone can donate to the restoration campaign via this website.) And if the OGS is restored, there are plans for it to include an exhibition devoted to the show that has put Bampton in the spotlight.

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