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Helen Mirren's breasts might be legendary, but don't expect to see them again anytime soon.

The Oscar-winning actress, 70, is officially done with nude scenes, declaring that her amusingly nicknamed "pleasure pillows" are only available to husband Taylor Hackford now.

"That's the good thing about getting older. You don't have to do that sort of thing anymore. My pleasure pillows are purely for my husband," she tells Alan Cumming for his CBS show Remember That Time? while discussing a Saturday Night Live skit about "the mystical power of her boobs," as Cumming described them.

"I didn't know my boobs were legendary," Mirren also deadpanned. "There are much more legendary boobs than mine."

Although the actress has appeared topless in films for decades—the most recent being Calendar Girls in 2003—she says they are enjoying a well-deserved retirement from the silver screen.

She adds that despite her reputation for taking off her top, that never actually interested her.

"I never wanted to do that, but I thought, 'Does it really matter?' It seemed to be not a thing to get your knickers in a twist over," she said. "I started doing nude scenes from the first moment I started doing movies. It was the era."

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