Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds
Credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

TIME’s annual roundup of the most influential public figures went live today, and with it 100 new star-studded essays about its honorees.

Among those honored this year is actor Ryan Reynolds, whose essay was penned by his Oscar-winning former co-star, Helen Mirren.

In the short piece, Mirren compares the Deadpool star to the leading men of Old Hollywood.

“Can the name be real?” she asks. “It is such a perfect movie-star name, like something that could be on a '40s marquee. How fitting, then, that Ryan Reynolds has the same loose-limbed charm as Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart. He's the Everyman, but somehow with more of everything: wit, elegance, looks and general hunkiness.”

Mirren continued to sing Reynolds’s praises throughout the article, describing the actor as “rumpled, kind, committed and generous, especially to women.”

“He likes [women] in the most simple, direct, unadorned way: for their humanity. (How very appropriate that he is the father of two girls.) He has a natural wit, which he often turns on himself, and he can balance his private and public life with great dexterity. He is open and generous, but never inappropriate.”

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The talented actress concluded with a simple but heartfelt postscript, writing, “P.S. The name is real, like everything else about Ryan.”

Read the full TIME 100 essay here.