Helen Mirren Wore the Adult Version of a Band Tee

Or is she every single guy on Hinge?

While she didn't say anything out loud, Helen Mirren just let everyone in on her musical tastes. Before she was set to receive the Golden Bear lifetime achievement award at Berlin's Berlinale, she arrived at a press conference wearing a black blazer emblazoned with Radiohead's blinkybear logo. Without a single word, she just declared herself one of the band's biggest fans.

The jacket, which also featured studs at the collar, also featured a pair of patches on the back. One read "Karma Police," which happens to be the second single from Radiohead's album OK Computer and the second was a faded Union Jack. Vogue notes that it's the second time that she's been spotted in what could be considered a grown-up take on the traditional band tee. The custom blazer made its debut when Mirren stopped by an event celebrating her son Alex Hackford's work on the video game Death Stranding.

Homage Helen Mirren Photo Call - 70th Berlinale International Film Festival
Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

And it's not the first time Mirren's dipped into the world of rock 'n' roll. In the past, she's worn a Grateful Dead tee (paired with leather leggings for an outing in New York) and a Madonna T-shirt when she made the rounds promoting her film Catherine the Great. So, while Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood can count Mirren as a superfan, she's making sure to show everyone what she's got on her playlist without even bringing it up.

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